Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Nearly 1,000 individuals die in motor vehicle accidents every year on Illinois roadways. In the past 5 years, over 80,000 injuries were recorded, 10,000 of which had debilitating consequences. That breaks down to about 9 injuries occurring on an hourly basis. It’s not possible to control what negligent motorists do. However, if you or a loved one has recently suffered injury in an accident caused by another person’s careless or negligent behavior, you can control what happens in the aftermath of a collision.

Your road to recovery begins by contacting the Makarone Law Firm and speaking with an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer in in Romeoville, Schaumburg and Wilmette. Together, you can pursue compensation for the harm that was done to you and become financially whole again. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience and expertise helping motor vehicle accident injury victims in Romeoville, Schaumburg and Wilmette. Our clients know they’re in good hands when they entrust their recovery and well-being to us.

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5 Consequences of Motor Vehicle Accidents

The obvious consequence of any motor vehicle accident is physical injury. Aside from attempting to recover from your injuries and struggling to pick up the pieces of your life in the aftermath, the following consequences could result:

   Emotional hardships – In addition to your pain and suffering, there’s the emotional and mental strain of not being able to participate in your favorite activities or perform your daily chores and tasks around the house.
   Financial setbacks  – Catastrophic accidents can be financially devastating. There are medical bills and vehicle repair or replacement costs to contend with. The stress from all of these can take a serious toll on you emotionally and financially.
   Inability to work – During your recover, you may not be able to work. Furthermore, if your employer doesn’t provide sick leave, this equates to lost income and makes things even worse from a financial perspective.
   Increased insurance premiums – Even if you’re not the at-fault party, your insurance company will probably raise your premium rate. Even if this is the only motor vehicle accident you’ve ever been involved in, it could mean a dramatic increase in your rates.
   No transportation  – If your insurer totals your vehicle or you are waiting on repairs, you won’t have any transportation. Even the most basic chores and tasks such as shopping or taking your children to school can be worrisome.

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