How To Deal With Own Insurance Company?

If a driver with uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage were to become involved in an accident, then that same driver might find it necessary to submit a first party claim. Sometimes, policyholders submit a first party claim to their own insurance company.

The policyholder’s ideal attitude, and preferred actions

The policyholder with a first party claim should demonstrate a cooperative attitude. At the same time, the policyholder’s cooperative attitude should not get viewed as willingness to accept an unreasonable decision.

The policyholder should provide the company with timely notification of the accident.

The policyholder’s actions should include the disclosure of sufficient information.
-The insurance company would want to look at the policyholder’s medical records. The company should not be granted access to all of the records, just those that relate to the accident.
-The insurance company would want some proof of the stated earnings for the claimant/policyholder. That request should be granted.

The insurer might want to schedule an independent medical exam (IME).

The insurer should not request more than 1 such exam.
The cost for the exam should be born by the insurance company.
Policyholders should feel free to indicate their preferences, with respect to the time and place for such an exam.

Actions to take if negotiations were to reach a stalemate

Depending on how many vehicles were involved in the accident, there might arise an issue that related to liability. For instance, suppose that the uninsured motorist had rear-ended the driver with the uninsured motorist coverage. But suppose that the same driver had been pushed into the automobile that was in front of him.

Would the insurance company be willing to pay for the damage to that third vehicle? Suppose that it wanted to deduct some money from the funds that would otherwise be part of the uninsured motorist coverage.

If that were to be the case, then the policyholder’s strategy might need to change. As stated earlier, policyholders’ cooperation should not be offered at their own expense. None of them should take on the role of doormat. In other words, the insurer’s allegations might be seen as an indication that it is the time to hire a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers understand how to deal with disputes that have arisen due to questions about liability.

A company’s customer might feel reluctant to sue that same company. Still, insurance companies are supposed to act in good faith. If someone that has made a first party claim then feels unfairly treated by the company that has received the same claim, something must be wrong. An injury attorney in Romeoville, might uncover new information. That new information might throw into question the allegations made by the driver of that 3rdvehicle.

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