Guide To Claimant’s First Call With Adjuster

If you have chosen to handle your own personal injury claim, then you ought to get prepared for that first call from the insurance adjuster. You should feel better prepared, after reading the following words of guidance.

Have paper and pencil by the phone

Sometimes adjusters have someone in their office make the call for them. Get the name of the person at the other end of the line. Get their phone number as well. Check to see what role that same caller has, with respect to the tasks handled by the adjuster’s office.

What to say and do during the phone call?

Focus on sounding believable.
Understand what facts you should share with the adjuster
-Your name, your address and your phone number
-If you are working, state your occupation. Do not provide information on your income.
-If you are asked about the accident, feel free to state the date, time and location of that same incident. You can also share the identity of any witness.
-If you are asked about your injuries, just say that you are now undergoing treatment. Promise to offer more detailed information in a demand letter.

What you should not say:

If you are asked to offer a recorded statement, one in which you go over the events leading up to and including the accident, do not agree to provide the insurance company with that same recorded statement. If you have hired a lawyer, you might say that you will record your statement when your lawyer is able to sit beside you.

If you are asked to sign a form for the release of your medical records, do not agree to sign such a form. If you have a lawyer, tell the adjuster to give that form to your lawyer. If your lawyer has seen the form, then it might be safe to sign it.

Sometimes, adjusters try to obtain the records that reveal all the facts relating to a given patient’s medical history. The adjuster’s boss should only have access to those records that relate to your recent injury.

If you do not have a personal injury lawyer in Schaumburg, then get the address of the spot where the adjuster wants to receive the claimants’ medical records. Then call your treating physician, and arrange to have the information on your treatment sent to the address that you have been given.

Sometimes, the treating physician has a form for patients to sign. Get hold of that same form, sign it, and give it to your treating physician. State that your request concerns only those records that relate to your accident-linked injury. Make a copy of the request, once you have added the address of the adjuster’s office.

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