How Utilization of Social Media Could Harm An Accident Victim?

The posting online of the wrong thing has the ability to interfere with any progress that your personal injury lawyer might be making.

What to avoid posting

Any text that describes how you were harmed earlier

Any pictures of activities in which you have taken part, even if you had reluctantly agreed to offer assistance

Any pictures of you checking to see whether or not you felt capable of tackling a certain activity, unless following a doctor’s instructions: Your doctor should serve as a guide to what you might or might not be able to do.

Any pictures that could be used to suggest that you had actually suffered your reported injury before the accident: That does not apply to a case where an accident had managed to aggravate a known injury, or a condition that had been under control.

Any comment that would suggest the way in which your accident-related behavior had been a demonstration of comparative or contributory negligence.

Any reference to appointments that have been scheduled way in advance: The treating physician should schedule your appointments according to what was observed by him or her during your most recent visit.

What actions to take, if you have already posted something that you should not share by using social media networks:

Do not erase the posting. Judges do not look kindly on such an action.

Do not delete the account with the posting. Judges frown on that, as well as personal injury lawyer in Romeoville knows. The best remedy consists of deactivating your old account. Make sure that no trace of your former visits to the affected social media network can be found.

It also helps to increase your privacy settings. That makes it more difficult for someone like an adjuster from an insurance company to go online and discover what you have posted, while visiting certain sites on the Internet.

Other actions to avoid, if you have posted the wrong thing in the wrong place

Do not feel confident that by telling a friend or family member to keep quiet about a bit of posted information, you have managed to keep that same information hidden. In fact, it might encourage the listener to revisit the site with that particular posted information.

While the case is ongoing, do not sell an old computer to a shop that repairs old machines and then rents them. The technician has the ability to read whatever was posted, while the sold computer gets readied for the customer that might choose to rent it. Do not claim that the picture does not give a clear view of what was happening, because it was shot from a bad angle. There might be similar pictures that were taken by a surveillance camera.

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