Actions That Could Prevent Success With Personal Injury Case

If an accident victim were to devote many hours to sharing, online, various facts about his or her case, that action could threaten to reduce the chances for winning that same case.

The person that has chosen to visit various social networking sites might share information with the wrong people.

The insurance adjuster: some adjusters are tasked with the job of visiting the different social networking sites. The jurors, if the case were to go to the trial stage while friends, who might repeat what they have learned. Then there are family members, neighbors, co-workers and any of the people that might be visiting different social networking sites.

The involvement of a lawyer is key to preventing problems

No smart claimant should sign any contract or document, until a lawyer has seen it. Personal injury lawyers in Wilmette know how to interpret the fine print.

Special measures might have to be taken, if someone that has filed a personal injury claim were to find it necessary to renew a driver’s license, or renew some other document. The renewal process would require the signing of an official document. For that reason, an attorney should strive to have the renewal postponed until a later date.

Lawyers can help their clients to deal with deadlines. A lawyer’s experience might be used to obtain the extension of a given deadline. That would certainly be the case, if a client had assumed that the minor occupant of a car that was involved in a car crash had managed to escape any injury.

That same client’s attorney might feel it necessary to seek an extension of the deadline, as stated in the statute of limitations. Lawyers know that those deadlines can be extended, if the ongoing case involves a child or a teenager. That should allow the time for the appearance of any noticeable symptoms.

In the absence of a lawyer, the child’s possible injury might have been overlooked. In that case, the parents might have chosen to sign a release form, in order to get a quick compensation. Later, if newer and more severe symptoms showed up, the insurance company would no longer be responsible for covering the newer expenses.

An extension would have postponed the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit until 2 years after the then minor’s 18th birthday. If the insurance company had resisted any earlier attempts by the affected family to obtain any compensation, then that action could be used as grounds for a lawsuit. As stated above, no claimant or plaintiff should sign any document, without the presence of a lawyer. That warning would apply to the simple act of signing a release form, even if the form’s signer had never suspected an injury’s existence.

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