Tips For Avoiding Common Car Accidents

A majority of accidents have been caused by errors that were made by the driver. Most such errors reduce the level of safety that had been enjoyed by the vehicle’s driver and occupants, prior to the unfortunate accident.

Showing how an avoidance of errors helps to ensure safety: Drivers should avoid these errors.

Distracted driving, an attempt to do 2 or 3 things at one time, while sitting behind the wheel, increases the chances for a collision.

Driving while intoxicated invites the occurrence of an accident. The intoxicated driver thinks, incorrectly, that he or she possesses great driving skills.

Fatigue: The fatigued driver struggles to remain awake. Obviously, no driver should fall asleep, while sitting behind the steering wheel.

Readiness to take risks: Risk-taking invites the occurrence of problems, such as a collision.

Attempting maneuvers for which you, the driver has not been trained. When drivers must make challenging maneuvers as a standard procedure, each of them should have a special certificate. That is why truck drivers have to get trained, and have to acquire the proper certificate. A car owner does not invest time and money in the car’s maintenance. The driver does not pay attention to the devices on the dashboard.

Not all accidents are caused by driver error; such errors did not cause any of the following accidents”

The personal injury lawyer in Schaumburg knows that oftentimes, an animal runs into the road, and the driver hits it.

A pedestrian is negligent: That could mean that the pedestrian runs into the street, without first looking to see if any cars are coming. Negligence could also apply to a pedestrian that was crossing the street while texting, especially later in the day, when the light was low.

An engineer has done a poor job of designing one particular roadway. Evidence of that problem usually comes in the form of a series of accidents, all at the same location.

A vehicle has received a malfunctioning part, either at the factory or while being fixed by a mechanic. A vehicle has not been equipped with the proper gear, even though the driver has heard the weather report.

There is a malfunctioning traffic light. That makes a collision at that particular intersection more likely to happen. The driver and the vehicle’s owner have ignored the fact one of the vehicle’s taillights has stopped working. The driver has not sought to determine the cause of the noise that sounds whenever the driver’s foot hits the brake pedal.

A driver might make an error after being involved in an accident. If the driver is OK, then he or she might assume that all the occupants of the hit vehicle should be all right.

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